Generators, Alternators and Starters that we currently have in stock may be purchased on a outright basis, however a core charge will be applied. The core charge on most of our units are high. We do not want to keep the core deposit. We will gladly accept your core back, however in the past because the core charge was inexpensive, some customers would decide to keep that extra core as a back up unit. As you are probably aware, Lucas generators, alternators and starter cores for the earlier model vehicles are extremely difficult to find even in wrecking yards and when we do find these cores we must pay a high price in order to obtain them. We do not want to keep your core deposit and the only reason we have set extremely high prices on some of these cores is so the customer will return the core to us. This is the only way we can have a stocking inventory of re manufactured components available when we receive an order. Please take this issue into consideration when deciding on the outcome of your core, however if for some reason you do not have a core available to return to us we can always sell you the unit outright if we have enough stocking inventory to due so.The core charge will be gladly refunded when the old core is returned to our company at our business address. The best way to return the core is via United Parcel Service, however this is just an option, any means of return will be accepted, we only ask that the core be packaged in a way to prevent damage to the core when in transit. 
In order to receive a complete core deposit refund the following conditions must be observed. 
The unit (core) has to be identical to the one supplied in other words if a Jaguar Alternator, Generator or Starter is purchased, a Chevrolet core cannot be sent in its place. 
The core has to be complete with no missing parts and we ask that it be assembled and it must be return in the original box. 
The core should not have any damaged or broken components, i.e. broken end frames on generator and alternators; if these components are broken or missing we will deduct a partial or full amount of the deposit depending on the kind of core it is, please remember for the older vehicles the cores are hard to locate. 
Starter cores must meet the same requirements, however if the solenoid is damaged or broken, this will not affect the full core refund as we install all new or re manufactured solenoids on the starters. 
Once all the conditions are met for the core return acceptance we will gladly issue a refund to your credit card and mail you all the transaction paperwork. 
We again thank you for your patronage and look forward to servicing your electrical automotive needs.