We have been asked in the past by many customers who want to have a showroom quality refurbished generator, alternator or starter installed back on their vehicle if we had the capabilities to powder coat the unit. 
Powder coating is now available for that showroom finish. The three standard colors we will be using is a shinny gloss black for the field coil case. fan and pulley, if requested the end frames will be powder coated with a high quality gloss clear color on all Jaguar, MG, Triumph, see the picture of the generator below and the Austin Healey green color. 

We are offering a special limited introductory price of $ 49.99 for the powder coating procedures on units either sent in to us for service or for a unit we already have in stock. 
The powder coating will be done in house for the additional cost, however besides supplying our customers with a high quality unit you will also now have a showroom looking unit. 
We will be offering this service to any customer that request that his unit be powder coated at the time when we are remanufacturing the unit . The powder coating will be available for all Lucas generators, alternators and starters. 
If you require further information on the powder coating finish please contact us at our toll-free telephone number (866) 969-7827.

Due to many requests for the powder coating finish, we are extending our special introductory price of $49.99 for an unlimited time, take advantage of this special price (normally $ 89.99) for a powder coating finish on all automotive generators, alternators and starters, when the unit is ordered from us or sent in to be refurbished.  



       Pictures of a Jaguar and Austin Healey powder coated generator


22462 Lucas Generator

22530 Lucas Generator