We have available alternators, generators, starters in stock and the units can be bought outright, however there will be a core deposit included with the price of the unit. For detailed information on the pricing structure please go into the shopping catalog , locate the unit you are interesting in purchasing, click on the picture icon of the unit and you will taken to that individual unit description including the core deposit amount that will be required for that unit.  The price you see for the unit has already included the Core deposit.

Once you have read the information on the unit, we kindly ask that you contact us using our Contact Form so you can specify exactly your purchase needs. We ask you use the Contact Form so we can verify that the unit you are inquiring about is in stock.

Please contact us before placing your order. In some cases we may have the unit in a core stage and we will need to refurbish the unit, usually the units will ship within three to four business days if we do not have one ready to go.

In order for us to refund your core the deposit the following conditions must be met:

The Generators or Starter core must have the exact Lucas Part Number as the one sold, in other words if you order a Lucas Generator Part Number 22496 in order to receive your Core refund we must receive back the exact number unit. When you place an order for a specific unit we may not have the exact month and year stamped on the Generator or Starter. If the month and year of production of the unit is important to you then we suggest you send us your old unit to be refurbished, turn around time is three to four business days. The month and year stamped on the unit will correspond with the original production date the vehicle was made in.

In order to receive full core credit the unit cannot have any missing or broken components, including broken end frames on the generators, alternators and starters,. We ask that you please return the unit in the original box you received it in and make sure it is insulated good so we receive it with no broken components. We will not issue a core refund for an incorrect number core sent to us and if the unit has broken pieces and depending on the unit number we will deduct a percentage of the deposit or not return the core deposit at all.

If you require further information you can always contact us at (866) 969-7827.