The third component we service is the starter. Basically we use the same procedure in the remanufacturing of the starter as we do with the alternators and the generators. After the starter is dissasembled and cleaned, the individual components are serviced. For the starters we perform a task which I think is probably not done by any other company. We remove the field coils from every starter housing in order to visually inspect them for any damage. Starters that were manufactured by Lucas have excellent heavy duty field coils that rarely failed however the field coils were insulated with cloth cotton tape and over the life of the starter it may have been serviced a few times with red spray paint and usually what happens is that the cotton tape starts to deteriorate and the field coils will short out when the bare field coils touch the metal pole shoes. The procedure used by us is simple, we hand rewrap the field coils with new cotton tape. Once the field coils are reinsulated we dip them in a special solution, we then reattach the brushes using a spot-welding procedure. For the older starters since new drives are no longer available, the drives are remanufactured and new gears are installed. The later type starters that came with solenoids are supplied with new solenoids. 

One particular starter that has been brought to my attention is for the Jaguar XJ6, the Lucas part number is (25684). This particular starter has been a problem for many years, the starter was designed by Lucas different from the rest of the starter as it has what is called a frontal commutator type armature where the brushes ride from the front and not from the top. This armature has a high failure rate after the starter fails. The only way to solve this problem is to install a new armature at the time the starter is remanufactured. The other inconvenience with this starter is the field coils not being serviced the way I explained in this article and also brushes that are not replaced due to lack of spot-welding equipment. 
Again we offer a one year parts guarantee on all our units as we strive to bring to our customers the best remanufactured units. Please visit our Product Catalog section for a list of the units we service and their respective prices. If you do not see a particular number please contact us for information. 
I will close this article with one final reminder “If the price sounds too good to be true you probably know the rest”.