On a rainy Saturday morning on January 21, 2012 we were honored to recieve at our facility members of the Austin-Healey Association of Southern California. At approximately ten AM, Mr. Peter Roses, the Club President arrived and shortly after between twenty to twenty-five members arrived. Although the rain did not let the members drive their Austin Healey vehicle’s, two members braved the weather and did come with their Healeys. 

We gave a presentation on how we service the Lucas Generators and Starters, showing the new components we install in each individual unit we service. The presentation lasted appoximately one hour and there was a brief session in which members made inquiries concerning our product line of components.
It was a very enjoyable morning for me to have the members of the Austin Healey Club and I would like to thank Mr. Peter Roses, for his invitation to join the Club member for lunch after the presentation.