In the last years there has been a shortage of copper worldwide. When you have shortages in any kind of raw material, it only means one thing, the price for that raw material rises. This the exact scenario with the copper market. Some may wonder how this affects us and let me categorically emphasize, we have been greatly affected by price increases from all our supplier. 
Copper wiring is used in the new field coils we install in all our Lucas generators, it is also used to rewind all the generator armatures we install in every generator we remanufacture. 
Copper wiring is used in the alternator stators and rotors we install in our remanufacuterd units. Copper wiring is used in the starter field coils, armatures and solenoids we install in our starters. 

The reason for this letter is to let customers know that we are not raising prices on our units to make more profits, it is simply a matter of our suppliers raising their prices on us up to fifty percent on some of the components, specially on the rewound armatures and stators. 

Please understand we either raise our prices to cover our additional costs or we have to start using “painted” used parts that wont last the time that most customer expect a unit to work. 

We will keep a close eye on the copper market and should the price of copper drop and our suppliers drop their prices to us we will glady pass this saving to all our customers.