Product reliability, product quality and product durability are all issues for companies to address when selling automotive products to the consumer. We address these issues on every single alternator we remanufacture. 
In order to supply a high quality alternator, we utilize a computerize test bench to check how the alternator is functioning.

The computerize test bench is programmed with the original equipment parameter values. When the alternator is tested the test bench uses these parameter settings as guidelines and determines whether or not the alternator passes the guideline values which include, maximum alternator output, regulator voltage set point, regulator turn on speed, output measurement at two different RPM (applies only to alternators with incorporated voltage regulators), voltage a diode leakage Test, field and ripple current and stator readings. If after analyzing all the values and the tested unit passes a report is printed with the corresponding values along with a performance curve report. The report is included in the alternator box when shipped to the consumers. 

This method of alternator testing is the most accurate type, because of the parameter settings and also the alternator is checked under similar vehicle running conditions and the way this is done is by the plug configurations used for the alternator. The tester uses the same vehicle connection patterns to check the alternator and assimilates vehicle engine on conditions. 
We believe in product quality and want to supply the best quality remanufacture alternators to our costumers and will always strive to bring this product quality to the consumers.

There is also a Alternator printed report which is included in the box with every alternator we supply.