For the consumer product warranty is an important issue when making a purchase. For the the supplier of the component, quality is of uttermost importance and this is the reason why we are committed to selling the best quality refurbished generators. As we have explained in our product information guidelines, we take all the necessary steps to insure that our product does not fail by installing new field coils, high quality rewound armatures in every generator we service at our facility.
Warranty coverage for all generators is for one year from time of purchase. Generator warranty will not be given for the following burn-out conditions: 1) Installer over-tightens fan belt causing rear bushing damage. 2) Generator armature throws solder due to extreme overcharging u
sually cause by a bad or low battery or faulty regulator.


The alternator is a very reliable component especially if the unit is refurbished correctly. Again we take all the necessary steps to ensure that our units have all new components installed. We offer a one year warranty on all refurbished alternators and if the installer take all the steps necessary in correctly checking the charging system the vehicle will have many years of trouble free service
. All alternators are tested on our fully computerized test bench.


                The starter is a very simple component. Starting the vehicle and then resting, until the next use. For this reason starters do not fail easily, but when failure happens the starters have to be RE manufactured to original conditions again. This is precisely how our starters function. All our starters carry a one year warranty from date of purchase.