The internet is a fountain of information for the consumer to buy products. We sometimes receive telephone inquiries on the pricing structure we use. The question we are asked the most, why is your price higher than other suppliers? My response to this question is we set our prices based on a cost analysis to refurbish each individual unit and make a small profit in order to remain in business.
My suggestion to those customers is, ask the other suppliers which internal components are being replaced in the re manufactured unit you are interested in purchasing. Let me give you an example, lets take an alternator, our refurbish process is we install rewound stators, rewound  rotors, new bearing, etc. In order for us to install a rewound stator and rotor we send the stator and rotor out to be serviced by our supplier, meaning we need to spend money for that stator and rotor to be professionally rewound. On the other hand if the other suppliers instead just spray paint the old worn out stator and rotor a red or black color paint and re-uses it which most other suppliers do then their expense is limited to a can of spray paint. 
The generator is re manufactured in the same matter the armatures and field coils are not replaced, they are however painted with red insulating paint. You are still buying a generator with an armature and field coils that are forty- fifty years old. How well is that generator going to perform?  Look inside the generator from the pulley side end frame to see the painted components inside. As a consumer would you not prefer to have new field coils and a high quality rewound armature in the generator you are purchasing. Cosmetic paint finish are used to hide the used internal components, the apple looks nice and shinny on the outside but the worm is still inside of it. The cost of the units varies to the degree of repair done to the unit. Low prices are enticing however are you actually purchasing a quality reliable unit. If you are price shopping you are just spending money for components that will not perform to the vehicles specifications.

I always wonder why a consumer does not care about product quality only about the cost of the product. If you live in another state or are far away from the supplier I would think you would want the best quality merchandise available to you so you do not have return a defective component and wait another week to hopefully get your vehicle on the road again and of course you are paying for the shipping cost to return the defective unit.

As a consumer if you ever have a question on a particular unit that you are interested in purchasing from our Company and want to know which components have been replaced in that unit, please telephone us for the information as we will always strive to supply you with the highest quality refurbished electrical components in the aftermarket. We also list in our Product Catalog section exactly which components are replaced in each unit we refurbish.
At the same time I encourage you that if you find a lower priced item from another supplier ask questions on the quality of the item you are interested in purchasing. I can personally assure you that if there is a large price difference between our product and the other supplier, the internal components of that unit were not changed and you are buying a unit that has installed used components, and that is why there is a large price difference.