Jaguar generator Powder Coat Finish  Thank you for visiting our website, we have tried to make your visit informative and easy to navigate.
Buying any product from the internet always carries a risk factor, however there are company like us that eliminate that risk completely. You may ask how we accomplish this task, the answer is very simple we do the remanufacturing of all the units in our facility. 
I know you may think that does not mean much because there are many reputable companies that sell remanufacutered units and I do not question their reputation, however the major difference between us and them is very simple, while we actually remanufacture and produce what we believe to be the best quality aftermarket components, they have to rely on their supplier for their components and in turn they have absolutley no control on the quality of unit they recieve. 
Having said this statement I would like to personally invite you to visit the different pages on our website, look closely at our new internal components page, this page will give you detail images of all the internal components we use in our remanufacturing process. Look closely at the generator components picture, I can honestly state that we are the only company that remanufactures generators and install new field coils and rewound or new armature in every generator we service. 
Although we specialize in the supply of the Lucas line of automotive generators, alternators and starters, it is very difficult at times to maintain a complete inventory of all the different units available and sometimes we just do not have enough inventory to meet our customers needs. 
This is the reason why when a customer calls for a particular unit and we are our of stock it is because all our remanufactured products have been sent to customers and please remember since we sell our product throughout the United States and Europe, it takes time for the customer to return the core. The advantage of sending your own unit in to us is also you will be getting back the same unit, which means that for example if your alternator or generator has end frames in excellent condition you will keep that particular unit. Please remember that we are dealing with components that are no longer manufactured and we do not have new end frames, so when it comes to the threads on the belt tensioner alternator or generator bracket that may be an important factor to consider. Please also remember because we have been in business since 1976 we have accummulated over the years extra generator, alternator and starter components including rewound rotors, stators, generator armatures, new field coils etc. 
The turn around time for any unit is twenty-four to forty-eight hours in most cases and you will get your original unit back, either way you need to send us a core and this way you save the credit card charge. We are also offering a second type of finish, powder coating finish, if you absolutly must have a showroom finish ask for your unit to be powder coated. We have samples of powder coated units throughout our website. 
We understand many customers have concerns in sending their alternator, generator or starter to us and you may be thousands of miles from us, however let me assure everyone that we are a reputable, honest company that has not nor ever will defraud or dissappoint a customer in any form. In conclusion let me state that if you ever call my company for any questions you will not get a voice recording, your call will be courteously answered by office personal and of course I am always at your disposal, I am at my business every day. Ask for me, my name is Mike and I will personally help you.