Q. Do you service other types of units?
A. Yes we are a full line supplier of refurbished generator, alternators and starters and can service both import and domestic components, including Delco Remy, Ford, Autolite, Chrysler and Bosch brand units.

Q. Do you service specialty vintage generator, starters?
A. Yes we also can refurbish antique generators and starters. The process however take more time because these units are vintage and we do not carry in stock the components needed to refurbish them.

Q. I just installed a remanufacturer generator supplied by your company and it does not charge?
A. All our refurbished generator are supplied with new, rewound components which include new field coils, rewound armatures etc. We ask that if you install a generator and it does not function properly to please check the remaining components thoroughly. Our units do not fail under normal operating conditions, since we install all new internal components. All generators are tested under similar vehicle running conditions.

Q. I have found the same product cheaper on other web sites. Why are your prices more expensive?
A. In order to produce and supply the highest quality unit available in the aftermarket we miticulously check and replace all the internal components in order to leave the unit in as close as new condition as possible, so we incur more cost in the refurbishing process. For more information please read our Quality Control page in the General Product Information section.

Q. Do you offer technical support?
A. Yes if you are experiencing difficulty after installing a refurbished unit on your vehicle, you can always telephone us at our toll free telephone number and we will try to guide you to correct your problem.

Q. I have bought rebuilt components from other suppliers and they simply do not work correctly?
A. Our Company has been refurbishing units since 1976. We know and understand the frustation the customer has when it comes to buying remanufactured components, especially if the units are not refurbished with quality parts and do not function correctly. We service every unit on a individual basis. Our quality is built into the unit by replacing all the defective worn out internal parts.

Q. Will  you service and return my unit if I sent it to your Company?
A. Yes, because many customers purchased their vehicle new, and wish to retain their original unit, we will gladly refurbish a unit that is send in to us for service. Turn around time is twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Some units may require additional time to return.

Q. Do you offer Special finishes.
A. Yes, beside offering a standard paint finish we also offer a powder coat finish, colors include the Austin Healey green. satin black, gloss black, clear gloss. We can also accommodate other powder color requests.