We live in a very competitive world were you can find and buy to your desire. You can find automotive component of many makes and brand with many different prices and some of which are a good buy. When it comes to battery purchases there is no exception. 
Before I go any further with this article let me assure you that I do not write these articles for any monetary compensation for suggesting products for your vehicle.
With so many brand of batteries available, which is the best and most reliable battery on the market currently available? After many years of use and in many different applications by far I recommend the Deka Battery. The recommendation comes from our experience installing this particular battery in our customer’s vehicles, motor homes and marine application. Manufactured in the United States with 99.99% pure virgin lead, its performance and longevity surpasses other battery brands. This battery is totally sealed which make it the perfect battery because no maintenance is required and there no possibility of acid leaking from the battery. The construction of this battery differs from your conventional lead acid battery because the sulfuric acid is not separated from the internal plates. The Deka battery manufactured by East Penn Company in the USA is made with a process which uses plates with a absorb glass mat technology, which mean the acid in the battery becomes one with the plates, if you were to punch a hole in the battery itself no acid would be lost. This is a important factor for two reasons: many of the older vehicles that are seldom use will be affected with a discharged battery and this is were many owners will not think about recharging the battery and simply jump start the vehicle and here is were the problems begins with damage to the charging system, specially those vehicles that are equipped with a generator. 
Extending your battery life is not likely to be with a conventional lead acid battery if the use is minimal and for example the vehicle is not used for many months due to a harsh winter. When a conventional lead acid battery is not in use what usually happens is the the acid mixed with the water inside the battery will tend to separate and this in essence is the end of the battery life. 
This is the advantage of the Deka battery because of it’s construction, the battery has the capability of not having to be used for longer periods of time than the conventional lead acid battery and still be charged. More information for this battery can be found at the East Penn website and there are many suppliers that carry this battery in the United States.