When the battery light stays on or the amp meter shows a discharge on the instrument panel, it usually means the alternator is no longer producing current and needs to be replaced. If you are dealing with a relatively new vehicle you have many options were you can go and purchase a replacement unit, but as the vehicles become older the options of finding another remanufactured alternator dimish tremendously. If you can locate a replacement alternator using the sources you have investigated, what is the quality of the alternator going to be? I have noticed and this pertains in particular to older application vehicles that most Companies will not re manufacture these alternators or use the low price factor to the entice customers to buy their units. The inexpensive alternator with an extended guarantee sounds like a good purchase, however lets break down the alternator itself. In order for this alternator to be inexpensive it will simply fall under the poor quality category for the simple reason that the internal components will not be replaced in particular the stator and the rectifier (diodes). This procedure is used quite often the components are cleaned, the stator is usually spray painted with a red or black color paint in order to try to re insulate the wires, the rectifier is usually sand or glass bead blasted to give it a shiny new look. I can categorically emphasize this statement because as a re manufacturer of these alternators; and we all buy our components basically from the same suppliers, I know the cost involved in re manufacturing a quality alternator. The re manufacturing process we use is quite different from most Companies and I can only point out that we re manufacture and sell only the best quality re manufactured alternator available to the consumer. We do not use worn-out painted stators, all alternators are supplied with rewound stators, we install brand new rectifiers in all the alternators, in cases were the rectifier plate is no longer available we replace the individual diodes with new heavy-duty diodes. Alternators that have voltage regulators integrated are supplied with new voltage regulators. Every alternator is then tested on our computer based test-bench under conditions similar to being installed on the vehicle. If all the precautions are taken when the alternator is replaced, a new voltage regulator is installed for those alternators that do not have a integrated regulator, the battery is fully recharged, load tested and rechecked, I can assure you that our re manufactured alternators will meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications. We guarantee all our alternators for one-year with unlimited mileage use.