generator is a delicate electrical component whose only purpose is to maintain a vehicle’s battery fully recharged. In order for this function to happen the generator’s internal components must function to one-hundred percent capabilities. I have been in the electrical re manufacturing business for over thirty-five years and have seen the lack of quality re manufactured generators available to buy in the aftermarket, however there are generators available that have a great lifetime guarantee and most important they are inexpensive to buy; to this I say to you buyer beware: “You get what you pay for“, nobody gives anything away. Let me shed some information on product quality versus low prices. You take the average generator which has been in service for thirty to forty years, which means the internal components of the generator are that old. I have seen in many instances where the field coils and the armatures are spray painted with red paint to try to reinsulate these parts, in reality this procedure does very little for the components, in fact it does not help at all, you still have worn out components that are still thirty to forty years old. We take a different approach to the re manufacturing of the generators by automatically installing brand new field coils, rewound armature which means that the armature’s wiring has been replaced with new wiring and new commutator. We also install new bearing, new brushes and bushings in every generator we sell. Now you have a generator that will perform to its maximum capabilities. You must remember that as a generator or alternator for that matter recharges a vehicle’s battery it produces heat, the more the generator charges the more the heat it produces and that is where you get the insulation break-down on the field coils and the armature and the reason for the red spray paint. The importance here is do you want to buy a generator with worn out components that are spray painted, however the price is great or do you want to install an efficient generator and pay a little more for a quality component. Price versus quality, it is a decision you will need to make. 
When replacing a generator we recommend to fully recharge the vehicle’s battery and in particular if this vehicle is not driven much we recommend checking into a battery which has the capabilities of not discharging for long periods of time. This battery is called Odyssey and is distributed in the U.S.A. by Odyssey Battery Company, We also recommend checking your battery cables, installing a brand new voltage regulator and above all to polarize the system before starting the vehicle. Please check on our website for instructions on how to polarize a generator and voltage regulator. We offer a one year unlimited mileage guarantee on all our remanufactured generators.